Online casinos

The interesting history of gambling and casino.

Historical Timeline

4The first ever gambling site was established in August 18th 1995 and operated a total of 18 unique games. However, it was only available within the Caicos and Turks islands and not in U.S due to strict government policies. Two years later Intertops and Gaming Club ventured into the industry and managed to register in America, their shares were also listed on the NASDAQ trading index. Around the same time, Britains first casino was established known as Atlantis.

The Casino History Timeline evolution journey may be categorized into 4 distinct stages. Previously, there were poor quality downloadable products which took more than 3hrs to download, and they offered a minimal array of games with poor graphics. Later on a no-download platform was developed but still there was need for better technology.

A breakthrough was found in the downloadable version, where users only had to install their favorite games into the computer and play at their own convenient time. This gave gamblers the freedom to play when it’s more convenient for them, such as after work or during the weekends. Nowadays there are cloud based casinos which allow players to access their favorite programs even on offline mode. The technology also allows gamblers to keep updated with new advancements within the flash of a second, software changes would be detected immediately thus giving one enough time to learn and use the system. Thanks to these advancements and technical improvement, the field of online gambling continues expanding every day on a positive note.

Reasons for growth in the online casino industry

The rapidly expanding popularity of virtual casinos led to exponential developments in software technology. Pioneer developers believed in taking a huge share of the market and reducing competition, this is the reason why you would find one company owning more than 5 internet casinos. Through constant improvements over the years, factors such as download speed, games suite and graphics have dramatically improved. Such features have led to improvement in the average number of players using these sites.

During the past, resources needed to operate instant play gambling software were more than the internet providers could offer, some of these attributes include instant communication with servers and loading graphics. No-download software used to take forever while loading, by which time the player would have already lost motivation to continue with the game. In addition, whenever subscribers closed a casino window then they needed to restart the entire procedure since there was no technology that could recover the lost data.

Nonetheless, in 2013 these problems have become a thing of the past. Gamblers can now enjoy robust processors, faster connections and stable operating systems. Apart from offering cash bonuses, the micro-gaming companies also give other incentives such as free vacations to tropical islands. Statistics show that there are 452 legit gambling websites on the net, with several other affiliates, subsidiaries and franchises.

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