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Security and privacy in online casinos

5Online gambling has become a popular activity for people across the globe. The number one concern that most people have about online gaming is if the online casinos are safe and secure to use. It can be fairly difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate gaming site and one that is set up to make as much money as possible without protecting their customers. This inconsistency has turned many gamers away and has given the fair and honest online casino companies a bad reputation. There is, however, several quick and easy steps that you can take to determine the security and integrity of the online casino.
Age of Business and Online Reputation

The first thing you want to check out when considering playing at an online casino is to see how long the company has been in business and how many customers they have. Any crooked or non-secure company will not be able to maintain their gaming site for very long. Also, you do not want to look at just how many gamers use their site, but how many active gamers they have. This will show you how many people have continuously used their services. You can also go online to see if anyone has complained about being scammed from the company. This can be a little tricky because virtually anyone can post anything they want online, and it may be hard to tell if someone is making up or exaggerating a story. If you find many online complaint, then that is a good sign to look for another online casino.

Seal of Approval

The best way to determine the security and integrity of the online casino is to see if they have a seal of approval. eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Registration and Assurance) is a major international online gaming watchdog. They provide independent reviews of online sites to help alert gamers to the site’s reliability. They offer three types of certification seals, including the Safe and Fair Seal, the Certified Software Seal, and the Affiliate Trust Seal, along with three additional reports, such as the Percentage Payout Report, a Randomness Review by an independent auditor, and Certification of a Live Dealer. If your online casino has achieved any of the three special seals from eCOGRA, you can rest assure that the site is safe and secure to use, and that they operate by fair gaming practices.
Dispute Resolution Services
Another great benefit of using a site that is certified by eCOGRA is that they provide dispute resolution services. This means that if you have a disagreement with the online casino, eCOGRA will be a mediator between you and the online company. Just because they certified the online casino does not mean that they will automatically be on their side. They offer independent and unbiased services, and they will work with both parties to try to come to a fair and balanced solution. This is a lot easier than trying to work something out with the online casino by yourself because you may not understand exactly what your rights are under the law.
Online gaming can be fun and exciting. You just need to be careful what online casinos you choose to use. Just take your time to thoroughly check out each site before you decide to play. Be sure to look for the eCOGRA seal of approval to ensure the security and integrity of the online casino. To protection yourself from overspending, you may also want to set a limit for yourself each time you play and make the decision to stop when that limit has been reached.

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